About Florence Meats

The Goriup family really know its meat!  However, our reputation for producing the highest quality food products started long before we opened our Oakville shop.  Before moving to Canada, Slovenian-born Mario Goriup owned and operated a butcher shop in Johannesburg, South Africa for 25 years.

With his European background, Mario's famous prosciuttos, pork sausage, and salamis, quickly ensured his success.  After a visit to Canada, Mario recognized a good business opportunity and made the decision to emigrate from South Africa and move to Oakville.  In 1977, he opened Florence Meats.

Moving across the globe twice and starting from scratch was no easy task, yet when you have the knowledge and experience, it is a rewarding challenge.  For over 38 years, our customers have had the benefit of both Mario's European and his South African experience.

His son, Damian, has the benefit of that experience too.  Growing up in the butchery business, and working alongside his father for 25 years, Damian now carries on the family tradition with the help of his wife, Carol. Periodically, you will even see their children, Michael and Alina helping out.

With new regulations developing in October 2007, it became apparent that a move to a new location was imminent.  With the help of consultants, 2136 Speers Road in Oakville was transformed into a modern, energy efficient facility that was in full compliance with the new regulations.

On April 4, 2007, Florence Meats opened its doors at its new facility and obtained its new designation as a provincially licensed free-standing meat plant.  Now under the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) jurisdiction, Florence Meats is visited weekly by meat inspectors and is subject to a mandatory yearly plant audit. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's), which involves record keeping in every step of our production, has become routinely incorporated into daily operations.

We chose to move up from being municipally inspected so that we could continue to provide our customers with the same quality products they were accustomed to as well as keeping current with new regulations. Moving forward with the industry by constantly educating ourselves, allows us to continue to grow into a more stable and viable operation.

Our Employees Make the Difference!

The quality of our work force has been a primary reason why we have been able to maintain a consistent quality product.

Great workers create great products.  Employee retention has been one of our key strengths.  Their conscientious attention to detail, hard work, flexibility and dedication assures us that the end result will be of superior quality. We couldn't do it without them!