What is biltong?
Biltong is a South African delicacy.  It is a cut of steak that is seasoned with our own blend of fresh spices.  Although it is similar to beef jerky, this product is not smoked but air-dried to give it its unique flavour.

Biltong is a pure protein snack. It contains:

No Sugar
No Sulfites
No Nitrates
Gluten Free
Low Sodium

It is an ideal snack to take golfing, fishing, skiing, and hiking. It’s great to enjoy after a work-out or to take to work or school as a mid-day snack.

Have you ever tried serving Biltong on a charcuterie platter? How about as a bar snack? This product is great to enjoy with a cool beverage or a glass of wine.

Its comforting to know that it is a healthy alternative to other protein snacks that are currently available.

This product only contains three ingredients: Local Ontario Beef, Sea Salt & Spices