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Florence Meats Butcher shop

Quality Meats + Proper Preparation = Delicious Results!

The more you know about meat, the more you appreciate the quality and expertise we put into what we buy, prepare and sell. At Florence Meats we do just that!

We only sell the highest quality Canadian Beef Grades A, AA and AAA. (The difference between the grades being the amount of marbling within the meat.)  All our beef is from small local Ontario farms.  The beef is purchased in whole carcasses and dry-aged in our climate controlled coolers.  It is cut fresh daily and to your desired thickness.

Aging is an expensive process because it requires the storing of meat for up to four weeks in our cooler, but the result is a naturally tender and flavorful meat. The aging process allows the meat's natural enzymes to break down the connective tissue holding the muscles (act as a natural tenderizer) at the same time, the evaporation of moisture produces firmer and richer looking meat.
Because we buy beef carcasses, we can custom cut for any of your specialties.

We specialize in Retail cuts and freezer orders, custom cut and packaged for your family needs.  For more information, contact us.

At Florence Meats, we sell only naturally raised veal resulting in a more flavorful, tender meat.  Looking for those special cuts?: veal scaloppini, osso bucco, veal brisket, veal tenderloin….we have them all!

It is important that pork be fresh.  Aging pork does not result in a more tender meat as does beef.  We buy and sell only top-quality, fresh, lean pork.  Periodically, we carry a limited supply of Berkshire and Tamworth pork.  It is raised locally.

The finest lambs, we believe, come from Ontario because they are fresh, tender and more flavorful.  The younger the lamb, the more tender it is. Today, because of increased productivity, "Spring Lambs" are available throughout the year. The best value for your money in purchasing Lamb is purchasing a whole or half lamb. Contact us and we can help you!

Only fresh, free range, grain-fed poultry will do at Florence Meats. We offer a full selection of poultry cuts including legs,  bone-in or boneless breasts, boneless thighs, wings and whole roasting chickens.  Try our variety of marinated flat chickens…perfect for the BBQ!

There is no substitute for a fresh grain-fed Turkey for your next special occasion…or, be different…..Cornish hens, capons, duck, geese….even fresh rabbit.  Place your order early.

Try our homemade, chicken burgers, sausages or kebabs…simple yet, irresistible.

Venison, Bison & Ostrich
Looking for an alternate high protein low calorie meat?  We carry a variety of cuts.

Ostrich has found a place on today's menu delivering the look and flavor of red meats with two thirds less fat.  It is similar in taste, texture and appearance to beef.  It is comparable to beef in iron and protein content however it has half the fat of chicken and two thirds less than beef and pork.

Venison and Bison are also a healthful red meat, low in fat and calories but high in protein. Farm-raised venison or bison  can be prepared in a variety of ways and is a delight whether it is barbequed, roasted, or specially prepared as an appetizer or entrée for a more elaborate meat. Contact us for availability.

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