Our Favourites
Whole Spice

Fresh, ground spices that pair beautifully with a variety of meat, poultry and vegetables. The number of combinations are unbelievable. The owners both grew up on spice farms and have a passion for their business. Not only do they create a wonderful blend of unique spices, it has a much lower sodium content then other producers.

We love it because: Whole Spice displays a complete lists of spices on the label so you can see what is in the blend.

Our Favourite: True Steak Spice; it’s the number selling spice at Florence Meats

Rufus Teague

Not overloaded with sugar, this collection of BBQ sauces really delivers on taste.

We love it because: It contains a “clean label” which is full of flavour and less on enhancements.

Our favourite: Honey Sweet Sauce - just enough sweetness for pork ribs

Wildly Delicious

We carry a full line of their sauces, marinades, bread dippers,tepanades, and their new throw down sauces.

We love it because: This fabulous product line was created by a husband & wife team in Toronto (supporting local!) and have won many awards for their products. Their products are always full of flavour with a clean label.

Our Favourite: Bourbon Caramelized Onion Throw down Sauce - amazing on burgers or Roast beef sandwiches

Sable & Rosenfeld

Award winning products are show cased with this product line. A local manufacturer (Toronto based). They produce a wide variety of condiments to accompany any meal.

We love it because: They have proven to be innovative in their product creations while staying true to the basics.

Our Favourite: Fiery Olives - looks so “cool” in a cocktails but adds quite a zing of flavour


Made in Aurora, ON. If you haven’t tried this irresistible combination of Belgium Chocolate Cashew Butter crunch, you don’t know what you are missing.

We love it because: Its the perfect balance of sweet and salty

Our Favourite: The dark chocolate

Catherine’s Fine Foods

Truly the finest of homemade Antipasto and Gourmet Condiments …antipasto, jellies, cranberry sauce, port wine jelly…..

We love it because: This local Niagara based company has been making amazing products since the early 1960’s

Our Favourite: Port Wine jelly - great over brie

Greaves Jams

Another stellar company from the Niagara Region. Their jams and jellies are known around the world.

We love it because: Their products showcase the fruits of the Niagara region

Our Favourite: Mint jelly - tastes awesome with rack of lamb

Harvest Goodies

Wheelbarrow Orchards is the home of this product line. Heather & Brad work hard on their Milton farm to produce outstanding condiments. We are so pleased to work together with them and showcase their home made products.

We love it because: Products are made in small batches from freshly grown produce.

Our Favourite: Pickled Baby Beets - the right amount of sweetness!

The Crepe Kitchen - Vidalia Onion Vinegrette

Anna & Edwardo are the owners of The Crepe Kitchen on George Street in downtown Oakville, ON. Not only are they known for their buttery soft crepes, but their salad dressing has become increasingly popular. It is now available at Florence Meats!

We love it because: This clean label allows the true taste of the dressing to come through and make any salad extraordinary.

Our Favourite: Vadalia Onion Vinegrete over baby greens and sweet cherry tomatoes