What is Boerewors? The name is derived from Afrikaans words boer (“farmer”) and sausage (“wors”). Although there are many variations to this recipe, we, at Florence Meats have been using the same recipe that Mario Goriup made at his shop in Cyrildene, Johannesburg, South Africa since the early 1960’s.

All our boerewors sausages are made from the finest ingredients.  We blend our own spices and add only lean meat to make this our most famous signature sausage.  Although beef is the most popular, we also make this sausage with chicken.

Here are all the varieties we produce:

Beef Boerewors in hog casings
Beef Boerewors in Artificial Casings
Beef Boerewors in Lamb Casings

Chicken Boerewors in Hog casings
Chicken Boerewors in Artificial Casings
Chicken Boerewors in Lamb Casings

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