Florence Meats Awards/Press

Florence Meats - October 2014

A visit with Dave Chilton of Dragon’s Den. How exciting to have him in the store! Together with his crew, Chilton was shooting a follow-up episode to CBC’s Dragon’s Den where he took the Carnivore Club under his wing. Florence Meats has been featured twice in the Carnivore’s Club subscriptions.

Ontario’s Finest Meat Competition - 2013

Silver Award – Chi Chi Chipotle Bacon

Queen’s Park, Toronto - September 2013

Very proud to be asked to bring our Kranska Sausage and Biltong to the Craft Beer Reception at Queen’s Park. Damian & Carol Goriup are pictured here with Steve Peters, former Speaker of the House.

Customer Appreciation Day - 2013

Book Signing by Jennifer McLagan
Check our Customer Appreciation Day video here

Ontario’s Finest Meat Competition - 2012

Ontario’s Finest Lamb Burger-Italian Stallion Burger
Ontario’s Finest Pork Burger- ChiChi Chipotle Burger